CPD Grant

General information about the Scand-LAS CPD Grant      
The Scand-LAS Board has decided to allocate money to support Scand-LAS members that wish to participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities within the field of Laboratory Animal  Science (theoretical or practical). Examples of such activities include participation in relevant international conferences other that the Scand-LAS symposium, relevant courses in animal experimentation, relevant study visit to other institution,  or similar.

The grant will be up to 1000 EUROS each, and will cover part of costs for symposium or courses fees and travel costs.

Who can apply?
The grant are open for animal technicians, biomedical laboratory technicians, PhD students as well as postgraduate junior scientists (maximum 5 years after PhD graduation), as well as in extraordinary circumstances other non-scientific personnel, who have difficulties in getting funding from other sources.

Only Scand-LAS members who have been a member for at least one year are eligible to apply for grants.

Application procedures
Application form can be found here:   CPD_grant (pdf_icon_sm2 .pdf). Applications shall be submitted as one single pdf fiile by e-mail to travel_grant@scandlas.org.  Deadline for applications is no laer than two (2) months before the planned event .
The application must include the following:

  • Full CV
  • Budget indicating Scand-LAS part of the financing and financing from other sources
  • Support letter from the applicant’s institution

If one or more of the above mentioned documents are missing, the application will be rejected. The application must be in English. Those of you that hesitate to write in English please ask your supervisor or any from the Scand-LAS board for help.

Terms of support
If granted, the applicant will receive payment after the activity, after submission and approval of a final report. The final report shall include a short summary of the outcome of the activity, as well as a financial report of all expenses with original receipts. The final report has to be submitted no later than 3 months after the activity has been completed.

Scand-LAS also welcome and encourage those who receive grants to submit the report with summary of the outcome of the activity in the Scand-LAS newsletter (not obligatory).

Questions can be sent to any Board member by e-mail or Jorgen.Jonsson@scandlas.org