Aim of Scand-LAS

The activities of the society are directed towards ensuring the development of laboratory animal science and sound laboratory animal management.

The Society aims to

  • co-ordinate issues concerned with laboratory animals in the Nordic countries
  • harmonize education and training within the member countries
  • improve the state of knowledge about and in laboratory animal science amongst the membership and the public
  • continually work for the highest standards of ethical treatment and welfare in the application of laboratory animals, and support the development of common health monitoring systems and other standards
  • ensure that only high quality animals are used
  • establish and maintain contact with the membership as well as institutions and organisations with responsibility for laboratory animal issues or using laboratory animals
  • be responsible for making contacts with and influencing relevant international organisations

To achieve these aims, the Society is

  • arranging courses, seminars, symposia and workshops
  • publishing the Society’s journal, The Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science
  • maintaining and improving contacts with members, institutions and organisations within laboratory animal science

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