Welcome to the Scand-LAS website! Scand-LAS was founded in 1970, and as of today, the Society has around 350 members, mainly from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Our mission is to actively promote the understanding of the need for animals in research, the education of personnel involved in the use of laboratory animals, the accreditation of laboratory animal facilities and the development of Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) as a scientific discipline. Membership is open to everyone working within the field of LAS.

Call for AGM

The 52nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Scandinavian Society for
Laboratory Animal Science (Scand-LAS) will take place the 15th of June,
2022 at 12.45 CET. in  Marseille, Wednesday June 15 at 12.45.

AGENDA Annual General Meeting 15 June 2022 Marseille
AGM Annual Report Marseille June 15, 2022

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