Support for Local Activities

Support for Local Activities in a Scand-LAS country.

General information
It is possible for members to apply for funding from Scand-LAS for local activities in their respective country, within the field of laboratory animal science. A local activity can be a seminar, a symposium or a hands-on activity to practice certain techniques for continual professional development (CPDs), and should be open to all Scand-LAS members. Scand-LAS will grant up to EUR 1500.

Application procedure
The applicant must have been a Scand-LAS member for at least one year before applying. The application should be written in English and must include a detailed description of the activity, clearly demonstrating information on the program, the venue, the category of participants, expected number of participants and a budget (stated in EUR).
Application deadlines are the same as for CPD grants (June 30th and December 31st). The application should be sent to

Terms of support
If granted, the applicant must assure that the activity is adverted as a Scand-LAS activity, and/or clearly state that the activity is supported by Scand-LAS.
In addition, if granted applicant will receive payment after the activity is completed, after submission and approval of a final report. The final report shall include a short summary of the outcome of the activity, as well as a financial report of all expenses with original receipts. The final report has to be submitted no later than 3 months after the activity has been completed.