Scand-LAS has two awards to honour and inspire the members – The Award of Honour and the Lars Wass Award.

Scand-LAS Award of Honour

The Award of Honour is given to members who have furthered the interests and aims of the Society in an exceptional manner. The award is given as a gold or silver medal. It is awarded by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Board or individual members. To nominate a candidate, contact  

Scand-LAS Lars Wass award

The Scand-LAS Lars Wass award honours an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to laboratory animal science education and training.


Lars Wass was a leading front figure for many years in laboratory animal science and was one of the founders of Scand-LAS in the early 1970’s. Lars Wass was engaged in the importance of education and training, and in particular LAS education for technicians and young researchers.

The Scand-Las Board decided in 2012 to inaugurate the Lars Wass award. In 2015, the Board decided that the award should honour an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to LAS education and training.

The presentation of the Lars Wass award winner takes place during the scientific program of the Scand-LAS annual meeting. For information on past winners, found here.

Nominee Eligibility

Nominees should be members of Scand-LAS who has made an outstanding contribution to LAS education and training.

The Scand-LAS Board will select the award recipient based upon criteria such as the following:

  • Demonstration of continued commitment to high quality education and training activities within LAS
  • Demonstration of continued commitment to LAS education and training to ensure the ethical use of laboratory animals
  • Educational and training contributions towards the implementation of the 3Rs
  • Involved in teaching/training activities that foster a culture of care

Nomination process
Both the nominator and the nominee has to be a Scand-LAS member.

Each nomination should be accompanied by the following:

  1. The full name and contact details of both the nominator and the nominated individual
  2. The CV of the nominated individual which in particular high-lights contribution within LAS education and training
  3. A written statement (1000 words or less) pertaining to the nominated individual’s qualifications for the award

The nomination should be send by email to The deadline for nominations is November 30th each year.

Scand-LAS Board performs the evaluation of nominees and makes the decision. The award is not automatically a yearly event and the award should only be given to honour outstanding contributions to LAS education and training.

Award details

Recipients of the Lars Wass Award will receive a diploma and will be invited to give the “Lars Wass Lecture” during the Scand-LAS annual meeting when the award is being presented.