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Scand-LAS actively promotes

  • the understanding of the need of animals in research
  • the education of all personnel involved in the use of laboratory animals
  • the accreditation of laboratory animal facilities
  • the development of LAS as a scientific discipline

Scand-LAS is a member of the international laboratory animal science organization FELASA (Federation of the European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) and ICLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animals).

Become a member of Scand-LAS and have the possibility to

  • get supported funding for your next local LAS activity
  • get a scholarship for the next Scandlas meeting
  • get reduced fee at AALAS, ICLAS or FELASA symposiums/meetings
  • read the Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science online for free
  • get our quarterly newsletter
  • get new colleages/network in other northern countries

The membership fee is only 30 EUROS per year.

When all formalities are accepted you will receive an invoice within a week via e-mail.

If you have any special requirements regarding the payment (lifetime membership, company payment etc), please contact the secretary: or